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Girl. Australian. Naruto 5EVER ♥
This is my blog dedicated to my favourite anime.

99% of this blog is made by me.




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i love it but i hate it

lets talk naru’s shaved head



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oh wow, i used to make filthy gifs.

Anonymous ASKED: Do you have any ships in Naruto? If so who do you ship?





timid-lionfists ASKED: I have a question, for the scene where Naruto is catching someone and rolling. Do you know who it is? I haven't gotten to that episode yet and can't quite figure out who it is. I can send the url if you need.

um i think it’s from the 3rd shippuuden movie ^^

Anonymous ASKED: If deidara basically commited suicide by explosion and sasoris body is in kankoros possesion how were they able to recover their bodys to be reanimated?????

you don’t need the original body to be reanimated, you need scarifices, and the jutsu.

Anonymous ASKED: You told the kid it's gifs, you don't that many gifs breh, and another thing if you're a naruto fanboy and this is a fan page only post about naruto.


1. fair sure these are GIFS i made and posted on this blog:

so yeah, I do post a lot of gifs.

2. I’m not a “naruto fanboy” I’m a naruto fangirl.

3. don’t tell me what to post + this is a 100% naruto only blog, so dunno wtf you’ve been looking at breh.

it was my 26th birthday yesterday

and my cousin asked me what i wanted and i said “naruto with orange briefs on in my bed :Q”

she just walked away.

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thetexluthor ASKED: I saw your statement about being "old" and liking Naruto. I'm turning 37 in a couple weeks and I loves me some Naruto. My girlfriend is 28 and she... doesn't love it as much, but she likes it, and I have another friend who is about 27 who not only watches it, but is the person who convinced me to read the manga. At the end of the day, don't sweat it you can never get to old to enjoy Awesome

ahhh that is too rad!  you speak the truth friend!

i will love naruto 5ever!


anihive ASKED: So, I saw your " kids these days post ". Just to ask, why're you specifically targeting me? I'm not the only one who does it. I LOVE YOUR BLOG by the way. How long has the Naruto-Sasuke thing been around? 'Cuz I only started Naruto last year of late Oct. Can you follow me?

i’m not targeting you?

thank you for liking my blog. (:

the naruto and sasuke thing has been around since before you were born.

no, i cannot follow you, and just a tip, if you want people to follow you, don’t ask them to, it’s excruciatingly annyoing.

anihive ASKED: So.... This is anihive. And I'm eleven. So what's with me and the "leave a question" ? But I'm just asking! Can u follow me?

…kids today.