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Girl. Australian. Naruto 5EVER ♥
This is my blog dedicated to my favourite anime.

99% of this blog is made by me.




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Saturday April 19th - 4:25pm

anihive ASKED: So, I saw your " kids these days post ". Just to ask, why're you specifically targeting me? I'm not the only one who does it. I LOVE YOUR BLOG by the way. How long has the Naruto-Sasuke thing been around? 'Cuz I only started Naruto last year of late Oct. Can you follow me?

i’m not targeting you?

thank you for liking my blog. (:

the naruto and sasuke thing has been around since before you were born.

no, i cannot follow you, and just a tip, if you want people to follow you, don’t ask them to, it’s excruciatingly annyoing.

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Saturday April 19th - 4:04pm

anihive ASKED: So.... This is anihive. And I'm eleven. So what's with me and the "leave a question" ? But I'm just asking! Can u follow me?

…kids today.

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Friday April 18th - 6:33pm

novaneos ASKED: I'm 21 and I still watch and read Naruto faithfully every week. You're not alone lol

that’s awesome! i’m turning 26 soon andddd i was feeling alone but then i saw all the older people replying to my post and now i feel sooooo much better (:

i think i’m gunna be 60 and still be in love with naruto XD

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Friday April 18th - 1:16am

old naruto fans?

am i the only naruto fan in their mid 20’s left?

like i feel like a hag sometimes when people find out i still worship naruto ;A;


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Tuesday April 15th - 4:06pm

jewelzthewolf ASKED: Ur so awesome!! I love Naruto too lol always #1 fav anime. I just followed u btw sorry if u c my likin shit everywhere lol.

thank you so much!!

it’s all good, like away friend!


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Friday April 11th - 2:45pm

Anonymous ASKED: Your background :O omgosh it's perfect and just ugh i love it

ahh thanking you friend! <3

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Monday April 7th - 6:09pm

Just caught up with the manga

and wtf my brain is more sore than usual after reading it. orz.

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Thursday March 27th - 8:06pm

useii ASKED: Hello~ I find your blog to be very beautiful <3

thank you <3333333

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Saturday March 22nd - 4:52pm


supportive but also really intrusive and nosy 

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Monday March 3rd - 3:05pm

forever grateful ;A;

i gotta start posting on this blog again <3

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Sunday March 2nd - 4:33pm

narutoscreencaps ASKED: Love the blog! Keep up great work!

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Sunday March 2nd - 3:59pm

Anonymous ASKED: what is the name of the episode / video of this gif? media-.-tumblr(.)com/tumblr(_)m1qgg49tO81qdfdg1o1_500.(gif)

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Wednesday February 19th - 2:52pm

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Wednesday February 19th - 2:51pm

I got tagged! w0000t


1.If you could be any Naruto Character , who would you choose?

Um, Hinata coz I have a high chance of getting with Naruto.

2. Favorite Manga ?

Naruto, Veiw finder series, Shingeki no Kyojin.

3. Are you much of gamer?

I have bad tendonitis and borderline carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand/wrist soooooo yessir. 

4.Where would you want to go on vacation?


5.Favorite Naruto character?


6. Which naruto character would you want to see become Hokage?


7.Favorite food?

Asian food! unf.

8.What’s the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

found a real life uzumaki naruto, stripped him and tied him to my bed?

oh wait shit that never happened. *hint hintttt*

9.. Favourite fruit?

Lemonsssss! idk, maybe because of my crush on lemongrab.

oh and bananas! they go pretty orighghghgttt

10.Favorite Attack on Titan character ? (if you have one)

jhcgnukygehrtuvhkr um. well the moody sexy as fuck short arse corporal. hnnng <3

11.. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl heck yes!

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Saturday February 15th - 4:37pm

ugly-uzamaki ASKED: Sorry if im reblogging ur art. Its either cuz i think its amazing. And or if its insanely funny. Im a big fan a d ur blog is #1 <3 keep doing what u do

ahah it’s not my “art” lolz, they’re my “gifs” and it’s allll good! and thanks so much!!!! XD